Packaging World-Custom Closure Enhances Convenience, Freshness of Fruit Purées

Packaging World - Custom Closure Enhances Convenience, Freshness of Fruit Purées

A new base/actuator combination closure makes one-handed opening and pouring of fruit purées a more convenient and less messy process for bartenders, while keeping unused product fresh.

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: October 20, 2019

Flavored syrup, sauce, and beverage base products from Torani are a global favorite of food and beverage service environments. But when redesigning the packaging for its Torani Purée Blends, the company realized there were some areas where consumer convenience could be improved upon.

Torani’s existing bottle was capped with a standard, round-orifice, non-dispensing threaded cap. In a beverage service environment, the closure proved messy and inconvenient, requiring bartenders to use two hands to screw the cap off and back on to the bottle. In addition, the cap was often lost at the end of a busy day of bartending, leading bartenders to sometimes inadequately secure the top of the bottle with plastic wrap in an attempt to secure the integrity of the product for the next day.

To elevate the brand among bartenders who must work quickly and who value a quality product that not only tastes great, but also performs well, Torani sought to redesign the bottle closure for maximum performance when speed is required, as well as ease of sealing to ensure product freshness over time.

The solution, from Berlin Packaging and its Studio One Eleven design arm, is a base/actuator combination closure that enables a one-handed grab/open/pour motion for maximum efficiency behind the bar. To accommodate all the viscosities represented by the different flavors of the product, the closure also incorporates a non-chugging feature for smooth, pouring accuracy and minimal waste from splashing of the product, regardless of viscosity level.

The self-sealing cap closes with a click and provides a barrier to air that keeps the product fresh. The new cap also keeps the product safe from contamination when stored overnight.