Use syrup bottles to package several types of semi-viscous products, from syrup to salad dressing. Glass syrup bottles help preserve contents and can help extend shelf-life with the correct closure. Maple syrup bottles are available in various styles and have smooth surfaces for design versatility.

Choosing Syrup Bottles

Your choice of the material of syrup bottles for your products depends on product viscosity and intended storage methods. Syrups and other products that are suitable for freezer storage work best in PET plastic syrup bottles because they expand and are shatter-resistant. For syrups that need to have extended refrigerator life, glass syrup bottles are the best option to preserve flavor and quality. Syrups packaged in glass bottles can be stored in a refrigerator for up to a year and stay fresh when capped properly. Both glass and plastic syrup containers are durable and air-tight with the right closures.

Benefits of Using Glass Syrup Bottles

Glass bottles are a highly renewable packaging option because sand is a sustainable resource. Glass can also be recycled endlessly without losing its quality. Maple syrup bottles made of glass are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Choose from amber glass pyramid bottles for aesthetic appeal or tall square bottles in an array of colors. For larger volumes of syrup and other semi-viscous foods use decanters or tabletop jars to package your product. Clear glass provides an opportunity for consumers to see the color and quality of your product before they buy.

Other Packaging Uses for Maple Syrup Bottles

Thicker toppings and condiments like ketchup, mustard, olive oils, and dressings all package well in syrup bottles. For thicker high-viscosity products like corn syrup, fluted-neck decanters or honey bottles offer a better pour. Seal packaging with corks, screw caps, or flip-top dispensing caps depending on the type of bottle you choose.

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