Berlin Packaging has a variety of honey bottles available, including standard and inverted bottles. Consider a range of unique shapes that offer easy-to-fill openings and easy-to-use closures. Mini honey bear bottles encourage younger eaters to have the super-food on their pancakes and waffles. Suitable for more than honey, these bottles come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

What Materials Are Used to Make Honey Bottles?

For keeping honey at its best, an airtight container will prolong its shelf life and stop the product from crystallizing earlier than desired. Along with multi-use glass bottles, plastic honey bear bottles come in PET, PP, and LDPE versions, depending on the style. Like many food bottles, they are suitable for storing products such as honey, dressings, and sauces. Before ordering, check any bottles used for food products for FDA approval.

Glass holds its shape and has a high-end appeal. Additionally, it is inert, which means the aroma and taste are not marred by the container. PET plastic honey bottles have a glossy look like glass and are lightweight and impact resistant. For honey squeeze bottles, LDPE is a flexible material, and in bottle form, it gives the consumer a squeezable container for ease of use. For hot fills, PP plastic hot-fill bottles are suitable up to 204 degrees Fahrenheit, and the caps included come with heat seal foil liners.

Honey Bottle Features

Some honey beehive bottles have a light-catching ribbed design on a classic Queenline shape. Variations of round, oblong, square, and tapered oval bottles provide more choices to match your product. Consider flip top caps and foam liners to match. All bulk honey bottles are easily customized, either by labels or caps, so take a look at Berlin Packaging's decorating and labeling services for details.

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