Silica Gel Unit Pak Desiccants

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  • Desiccant packets absorb humidity
  • One unit of desiccant is equal to approximately one ounce
  • Made from FDA approved Tyvek pouches and filled with silica gel

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About This Product

Silica Gel Unit Pak Desiccants

Dessicare's Unit Paks meet or exceed MIL Spec 3464, Type I & II. A refers to a military specification for packaging. The term "unit" is a quantity of desiccant, which will absorb a set percentage of its weight at certain levels of humidity. For convenience, one unit is approximately equal to one ounce. Made from FDA compliant Tyvek pouches and filled with silica gel. Applications: rolled steel, computers, aerospace, automobile parts, military equipment, crates, etc.

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 28 days.

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