99% On-Time Delivery, Every Month, for 14 Years and Counting

300,000+ shipments each year of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures.

Why It's Important

If you’re not getting your packaging on time, the costs can multiply, including:

  • Costs in purchasing – needing to have back-up suppliers, sometimes with less-favorable prices or with expedite fees
  • Costs in warehousing – needing to have more safety stock and warehouse space; risk of higher obsolescence
  • Costs in manufacturing – machine downtime and lower employee productivity
  • Costs in the marketplace – inability to fill orders; damage to your brand

Receiving products on time allows you to avoid these costs. You can reduce working capital requirements, decrease carrying costs, and minimize inventory investments.

With Berlin Packaging’s reliability, you can schedule and plan with near certainty; you can save money and accelerate growth.

Why It's Important