99% On-Time Delivery, Every Month, for 15 Years and Counting

300,000+ shipments each year of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures.

How We Perform

In mid-2003, Berlin Packaging had 95% on-time delivery of its shipments. When benchmarking other suppliers, we realized this was good performance but not as good as we could be. We implemented new procedures to improve performance even further, first breaking the 99% barrier in mid-2004 and holding at that level or higher since then.

99% On-Time Delivery

We Walk the Talk

For every month for 15 years, we have delivered 300,000+ shipments a year 99+% on time. We make sure our customers have the right product when it counts.

On-Time Delivery Trend

The regular release of our on-time figures makes us the first supplier of rigid packaging to measure and publicly report on-time shipping performance.