Wide mouth packer bottles are designed to be easily filled and to simplify dispensing products like tablets, vitamins, and other pills. They can be used for medicinal products as well as powders and food items. These bottles have a universal shape, and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. That means you can buy packer bottles in bulk to cover a broad range of products, and know they're displayed in the most attractive way. A cross between a bottle and a jar, packer bottles also feature ample space for custom labels, making it easy to brand your product for the shelf.

Bottle Materials

If you are packaging food items like bouillon cubes, glass packer bottles are a good choice as they keep your product fresh, and ensure no change in flavor or smell. For supplements or medications, plastic packer bottles are a strong option because they are typically made with PET plastic, which is shatter-resistant and lightweight, as well as BPA free. With pharmaceutical bottles, some of the darker colors in plastic and glass offer UV protection that helps keep pills and tablets safe from light damage. Similar to Boston round bottles, packer bottles are versatile, and can flex to the ideal style and material for your product.

Plenty of Cap Choices

Depending on the bottle, caps are included or sold separately. There are several types of caps you can choose for packer bottles. Plastic caps can be smooth or ridged, depending on the look or functionality you want. Phenolic lids are chemically inert, and have a high heat tolerance, making them good options for more volatile products. Many of the available caps have a foam or plastic liner, helping to seal the bottle between uses, and keep your product fresh. Continuous thread caps work well with these bottles, as they seal easily, and are good for bottles that will be opened and closed often.

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