Meet your packaging needs with a large selection of industry favorite bottles including popular plastic bottles. The variety of materials, which also includes glass and aluminum, sizes, shapes, and colors offered by Berlin Packaging provides options suitable for foods, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, healthcare products, and more.

A Variety of Plastic Bottles

Berlin Packaging offers a variety of popular plastic bottles, including HDPE, PET, and LDPE options. HDPE is economical, impact-resistant, chemical-resistant, and provides a good moisture barrier, making it a good option for household chemicals and liquid soaps. Berlin Packaging also offers HDPE options that are suitable for food and beverages.

If your company requires bottles that are lightweight, strong, stable, non-reactive, affordable, and shatterproof, PET plastic bottles are a smart choice. PET bottles can be used to store food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and more. PET bullet bottles are available with a variety of caps, including lotion pumps and disc caps, and provide great storage options for personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion.

Glass Bottles to Meet Your Business Needs

Berlin Packaging offers a wide selection of glass bottles. Glass is nonporous, impermeable, and has minimal chemical interactions, making it a superb option for storage of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and products in which taste, strength, or scent must be maintained. Glass is easily recyclable, making it an Earth-friendly choice, which is a growing concern for many consumers.

Glass French Square bottles are a popular option as the square shape maximizes storage volume and shelf space. The quality thick-walled construction makes these bottles a great choice for high-end products. 

Why Use Berlin Packaging?

Berlin Packaging works with companies of many sizes and can assist with all aspects of package design, from concept to commercialization. The company has a full-service design studio that offers free design in exchange for supply contracts. 

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