Boston Round Bottles

Glass Boston round bottles were traditionally used for centuries as a packaging staple for tinctures, poisons, pills, and medicinal powders. Today, they make elegant packaging for health and beauty products. Plastic Boston bottles are popular for pharmaceuticals and are just as easy to recycle as glass.

Wholesale Boston Round Bottles Offer Many Branding Options

PET Boston round bottles are popular packaging options for pharmaceuticals, food, beauty, household, and other products. Boston bottles are available in several colors to give companies ample design options. Package products in glass bottles with acid-etched designs to draw more attention to your brand. Boston round bottles offer 360-degree labeling options and can fit most types of caps and closures. Having a larger surface area offers increased design opportunities.

Plastic Boston Round Bottles for Product Packaging Versatility

Plastic Boston round bottles are durable enough to handle both high- and low-viscosity products. Package everything from lotion to shampoo in clear Boston round bottles. Plastic black Boston bottles offer sharp packaging for health and beauty products and make the colors on brand labels stand out. Recyclable plastic bottles are a shatter-resistant packaging option for medications, certain chemical mixtures, and health and beauty products. Since these can support multiple types of closures, it's easy to find child-resistant-capable closures for potentially harmful products.

Whether you need bulk Boston round bottles to package your new line of beauty products or want to update the look of an existing brand, Berlin Packaging can help! We offer our partners additional services like label design, warehousing, and logistics. Contact us for more information on how we can assist with all your packaging needs.

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