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Sustainable Packaging Toolbox

A comprehensive guide to more responsible packaging.

At Berlin Packaging, we are committed to leading the future of sustainable packaging. As a company, we are dedicated to driving positive impact for our people and our planet. Furthermore, we work with like-minded organizations to address wider packaging issues and drive systemic change throughout the supply chain toward sustainable packaging practices.

From Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses, we partner with our customers to unpack their sustainability potential and help their brands transition to more responsible packaging. We target packaging solutions that optimize sustainability, brand impact, and performance. We identify sustainability purchase drivers and provide our customers with actionable insights.

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Robert Swientek

By: Robert Swientek
Date: June 27, 2023
Updated: October 12, 2023

Because we are material and process neutral — meaning that we are not limited to any specific packaging material type or process — we are uniquely positioned to help our customers find the best packaging solutions for their specific needs.

As part of our support to customers in achieving their sustainable packaging goals, we provide an expansive suite of sustainability services ranging from market and

consumer insights, stock packaging solutions, and quantitative environmental assessments to circularity road mapping, custom design & innovation, and sustainability communications strategies.

Click on a topic below to learn about some of the terms, materials, and strategies that are part of our toolbox to create more responsible packaging for our customers.

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