A fine mist spray bottle is a versatile product. These items are eco-friendly because they use pump action rather than butane, user-friendly for consumers, and aesthetically pleasing when on display.

Who Uses Fine Mist Spray Bottles?

A variety of industries use glass mist spray bottles. Oral and nasal pharmaceutical sprays dispense gauged quantities each time, making mist spray practical for medications. The beauty industry uses fine misting plastic bottles for hair protein treatments, facials, and hair styling. Food industries put cooking oils in mist sprays, plant nurseries use sprays for creating tropical environments for vegetation, and artists use mist sprays to keep paint manageable and to achieve special effects.

What Are the Benefits of Using Mist Spray Bottles?

A fine mist spray bottle needs no propelled gases like aerosols do, so it's an environmentally friendly tool. Because mist spray bottles can produce a continuous and evenly distributed spray in any direction, it gives the consumer versatility and flexibility. Mist sprayers easily make contact in hard-to-reach spaces during cleaning, are suitable for travelers who prefer lightweight metal pocket mist spray bottles, or to diffuse fragrances such as aromatherapy scents into the air.

Mist Spray Bottles Come in Glass, Plastic, and Aluminum

PET is a lightweight, durable, and shatter-resistant plastic, and HDPE is strong, impact-resistant, and flexible. High-quality glass bottles provide a superior feel to products, while brushed aluminum mist spray bottles lend the product a fresh contemporary look on the shelves. These materials are all suitable for numerous brands and applications.

Completing the Look With Designer Labels is Easy

Decorating and labeling are two of many services offered by Berlin Packaging. The custom label creator is user-friendly, and our onsite machines allow you to see a decorated prototype bottle within hours of your request.

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