E-Juice Bottles Buying Guide

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: October 20, 2019

E-Juice Bottles Buying Guide

The Supplies You Need to Get Ahead in a Growing Industry

Vaping devices and e-cigarettes are part of an exploding industry of smokeless tobacco products that have grown in popularity over the past decade. As wholesale e-juice manufacturers, retailers, and the DIY community continue to expand, there is a real need for functional, aesthetically appealing, and affordable e-liquid containers that meet the needs of customers.

What Customers Want in an E-Juice Bottle

When shopping for the right e-juice bottles, it all comes down to presentation and functionality. Like beverages or cosmetic containers, e-liquid is a customer-facing product that must have an aesthetic appeal on the shelf. On the other hand, the bottles are essentially refills that must effectively deliver e-liquid into a variety of vaping devices.

E-juice bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from the mundane to the artistic. As with the craft beer industry, more and more manufacturers are investing in high-end aesthetics and creative labels to help their brand stand out from the competition. To this end, bottle variety is an important consideration. You can choose to differentiate flavors through bottle type or simply invest in a single uniform look varied by label.

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Beyond the look, an e-juice bottle must effectively administer e-liquid into a vape pen or other device. And this all comes down to the cap or tip. Most manufacturers choose e-juice bottles that feature either a needle tip or dropper cap that is thin enough to easily fill the vape pen cartridge without spilling or filling the center tube. This is an essential consideration that can’t be ignored, as it directly affects the end customer experience.


Types of E-Juice Bottles

There are dozens of styles and materials to choose from. Let’s break it down by the most common questions:

What sizes do I need?

The most common size for e-juice bottles is 15ml, followed by 10ml and 30ml. The general consumption ratio is 1ml = 1 traditional pack of cigarettes. So a pack-a-day customer could expect to go through 1ml per day. Because of this efficiency—and the customer’s changing taste in flavors—you rarely see e-liquid sold in larger bottles. Most vape pen tank capacities range from 1.6ml to 5ml.

What’s the best bottle tip/dropper?

There is no standardized tip or dropper for e-juice bottles, but the most popular are: Dropper Fitments, Fine Tip Droppers, and Pipette Droppers.

Are there government regulations for e-liquid bottles?

Several states have already enacted regulations requiring e-liquid bottles to be child-resistant. At the federal level, legislation has been introduced and could be enacted in the near future. Most e-juice manufacturers are playing it safe and investing in bottles that are both child-proof and FDA-compliant food containers.

What bottle materials are best suited for e-juice?

The most common bottle materials for e-juice are glass and low-density polyethylene (LDPE), as both are effectively resistant to the acids often found in e-juice flavors. LDPE’s soft, squeezable feel is also ideal for filling vape tanks. Here’s a breakdown of LDPE and other common materials:

Bottle Materials Suitable for E-Juice

Other E-Juice Bottle Considerations

Plastic vs. Glass

The difference between glass and plastic is largely one of customer preference—and there are pros and cons for both. Glass e-juice bottles have a premium look and feel that many manufacturers prefer for branding purposes. Tinted glass is also a better option for long-term storage, though this is largely not a concern for smaller-capacity e-juice products. If stored properly (in a dark and cool place), LDPE, HDPE, and PET plastic bottles should have no affect on the taste or efficacy of e-juice.

Light Sensitivity

Nicotine and other e-liquid ingredients are light sensitive, so many manufacturers utilize bottles with amber coloring, which filters UV light up to 70% more than clear. This is also a popular choice for customers who prefer to “steep” their e-juice—the process of resting the e-liquid in a dark and cool place for a long period of time in order to bring out more flavor. Amber bottles help protect the steeping e-liquid from UV degradation.

Plastics to Avoid

PVC and polycarbonate plastics are made with BPA and should be avoided due to risk of leaching into the liquid.

Custom Labeling & Shipping

As the e-juice industry becomes more saturated, more and more manufacturers are investing in custom labeling to ensure their bottles stand out on the vape shop shelf. Berlin Packaging offers custom-fit packaging that can safely transport glass or plastic containers. We also offer custom labeling services to help bring your brand to life.

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