E-Juice Bottles

Use plastic or glass e-juice bottles to package e-liquid vapor products. Give consumers easy dispensing solutions with designs like Boston round dropper bottles or Kautex needle-tip plastic bottles.

Advantages of Glass and Plastic E-Liquid Bottles

Plastic and glass e-juice bottles have packaging features that matter. Use glass bottles for more acidic e-liquids to prevent chemical leaching and potency erosion. Glass packaging is non-permeable, so liquid vaping products stay potent longer. E-liquids in glass packaging also keep their aromas because glass is non-porous and doesn't absorb scent. For less acidic e-liquids, plastic bottles provide shatter-resistant durability and a flexible grip. Bottles made of PET plastic don't react chemically with liquids, so products remain pure. Kautex plastic bottles offer a needle-tip dispenser to help prevent spills during the filling of vape pens. While both plastic and glass empty vape juice bottles are viable for short-term use, glass helps maintain product quality better during long-term storage.

Colored E-Juice Bottles

Glass and plastic Boston round dropper bottles come in several colors, including blue, amber, green, and clear. To help protect products from harmful UV light, package your vape liquids in blue, green, or amber bottles. PET plastic bullet bottles are also available in black or purple to help block both UV and blue light from altering an e-liquid's chemical makeup. We offer several styles and capacities of colored e-juice bottles in either plastic or glass, available in bulk quantities.

Child-Resistant Capable E-Juice Packaging

Child-resistant capable dropper bottles seal airtight and are leak resistant to help prevent accidental ingestion of e-liquids. Boston Round dropper bottles and child-resistant dropper caps with glass pipettes provide an easy dispensing option that helps keep children from accessing potentially harmful products. Check state requirements regarding child safety packaging for these products.

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