Large pharmaceutical and cleaning supply production companies benefit from using glass or plastic manufactured child-resistant bottles. Not only do child-resistant bottles maintain the integrity of their contents, they also help prevent children from harming themselves.

What Qualifies as a Manufactured Child-Resistant Bottle?

Manufactured child-resistant packaging reduces the risk of children coming in contact with items such as medication, caustic cleaning supplies, or alcohol. According to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA), non-dispensing child-resistant caps are those designed to keep children under the age of five from easily opening bottles. Manufactured child-resistant bottles and caps also have to meet specific standards set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to be child-resistant. The primary goal of the regulations is to keep young children from swallowing hazardous substances or getting them in their eyes.

Manufactured Child-Resistant Plastic Bottles Are Durable

When looking for products that are durable and which can be dropped from high levels without shattering, child-resistant plastic bottles are a good option. The thick plastic containers used for industrial solvents and adhesives may have child-resistant brush caps for easy application and consumer protection. Locking spray, continuous thread push and turn, and tamper-evident caps are all practical solutions for further protection on child-resistant plastic bottles.

Manufactured Child-Resistant Glass Bottles Preserve Taste

Help preserve the reliable consistency and taste of contents with manufactured child-resistant glass bottles. They work well for liquid medications, and amber, blue, and green bottles have UV filtering qualities so they maintain their potency. Glass bottles also make an excellent storage option for chemical solutions, measuring accurately while keeping contents away from children with child-resistant dropper caps.

Berlin Packaging Offers Professional Sourcing Options

Supply chain performance matters for everything from consumer satisfaction to return on investments. Berlin’s Global Packaging Group sources products across the globe and ensures any delays are dealt with appropriately so you can keep production on track. Get your packaging materials on time and in pristine condition from multiple countries when you use Berlin Packaging as a sourcing solution.

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