LDPE Plastic Boston Round Dropper Bottles with Child-Resistant Capable Cap

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  • Dropper cap dispenses product in uncontrolled drops
  • Child-resistant capable caps included
  • LDPE plastic is known for being durable, flexible, and squeezable

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About This Product

LDPE Dropper Bottles with Child-Resistant Capable Caps

Our Boston Round fine tip dropper bottles are molded of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) for maximum flexibility. These LDPE bottles are flame treated, which helps when decorating bottles. Long, narrow LDPE dropper tip is designed specifically for use in filling and refilling e-cigarette cartridges and tanks with uncontrolled drops. Child-resistant capable, senior friendly SecureCap overcaps are ideal for securely packaging harmful liquids.  This product combination has been manufactured to be child-resistant capable and has been tested using the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s protocols for evaluating compliance with the Poison Prevention Act.*  Cap requires two separate motions to open, push down and twist. 

Is LDPE right for me?

LDPE containers are durable, flexible, squeezable, chemical resistant, light weight, and provide moisture barrier properties. This well-rounded material is suitable for foods, beverages, personal care, chemicals and many other applications.

*While this product or product combination has the ability to comply with the Poison Prevention Act when used properly, responsibility for determining compliance of any household substances subject to the Poison Prevention Act is with the seller of such household substances.  For additional information regarding Berlin Packaging’s warranty applicable to this product or product combination, see Terms & Conditions.     

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