48 mm Gold Metal Lug Caps (Plastisol Liner) - X48-LUG

Item #: X48-LUG

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  • 48 mm Gold Metal Lug Caps
  • With Plastisol Liner
  • FDA Compliant

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About This Product

48 mm Gold Metal Lug Caps with Plastisol Liner

Our metal lug caps have an acid-resistant liner that is ideal for tomato-based recipes and other acidic foods. The liner draws a vacuum on any lug-finish jar. Lug caps must be paired with a container that feature a lug finish. A lug finish consists of several tapered ridges designed to mate and require only a partial turn to seal the cap. Lug caps are not compatible with containers that feature a continuous thread (CT) finish. 

Generating the Vacuum:

  1. Automated steam capper – hot steam injected into the headspace of a cold fill package.
  2. Hot Fill – product fill temperature > 185F. The product would need to be at least 185F to generate sufficient vacuum. Maximum temp = 212F

NOTE: Reheating of the cold filled package does not always generate sufficient vacuum.

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