Threaded metal caps can function as a good closure for a variety of packaging options like bottles or Mason jars. They can be used to help preserve liquids such as beverages and oils, or dry goods such as food products and pharmaceuticals. The caps come in a variety of sizes and colors and are typically made from either aluminum or tin-coated steel, also known as tinplate. Metal screw caps prevent contents from leaking and protect products from contamination or exposure to air. They provide an easy way to open and close packaging by simply twisting them, and many have textured sides which allow for an easier grip.

Differences Between Aluminum And Tinplate Caps

When considering metal caps, both aluminum and tinplate are lightweight materials that can reduce shipping-related expenses. Tinplate caps usually have a glossy aesthetic and are compatible with coloring techniques. Many companies customize their tinplate caps by choosing colors that match the rest of their packaging, allowing the brand to stand out on the shelf.

Threaded aluminum caps can withstand more extreme temperatures and levels of humidity without compromising their integrity. They are also impact-resistant, meaning they won't easily fracture, or lose their shape during rough handling.

What Wholesale Threaded Metals Caps Are Available?

Threaded caps with liners offer an additional feature when capping hot-fill products. The heat of the product creates a vacuum that produces an airtight seal, preserving the contents. Other options include threaded, metal Mason jar lids that can be used during the canning process, or aluminum screw tops that have foam liners for additional protection.

Threaded metal cap liners made from acid-resistant Plastisol are a good fit for closing packaging that contains acidic foods, medicines, or certain chemicals. Some caps and closures have built-in plastic squirt spouts for convenient and targeted dispensing, and rings which hold the fitment in place until the cap is sealed.

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