Keep all of your products secure and in place during shipments with the appropriate strapping supplies from Berlin. Binders and straps secure containers to pallets so that no matter where they are in transport, the contents are protected and safe. The entire line of shipping supplies offers the versatility that logistics warehouses and factories need to pack products efficiently.

Poly Strapping Offers Unique Advantages Over Steel Strapping

Poly straps are made of highly durable material that's as widely used and in demand as steel strapping. Poly straps are resistant to corrosion so it's a common choice for shipping chemicals and other reactive materials. Also, unlike steel, poly strapping can expand when exposed to heat, providing additional flexibility and security. Since poly material is lighter than steel strapping, it could also help reduce shipping costs. Its relative flexibility makes it easy to tighten when used with Berlin poly strapping tensioners. Stretch wrap and pallet wrap further secure items in place and prevent external damage while in transit.

When to Use Steel Strapping

Steel strapping remains a go-to binding supply because it holds heavier loads, and since it's more dense and rigid than poly, it can travel longer distances. It's also more resistant to sharp objects, so anything with hard corners or sharp edges may require this material.

Why Are Strapping Supplies Critical?

Strapping supplies keep products secure once they're stacked on trucks or sent long distances in shipping containers. The longer the delivery and the more dynamic the weather conditions, the more important it is to use high-quality binding supplies. Strapping carts can dispense both poly and steel strapping to accommodate all types of products and shipping needs. For additional convenience, look for strapping carts that can hold 3, 6, or 8-inch straps and fit 16-inch cores. Carts with built-in trays keep other supplies, like shipping tape, within easy reach.

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