Every warehouse and production facility needs a variety of shipping tape to package goods and products securely for shipping. Selecting the right packing tape ensures that even the heaviest shipments and boxes stay secure even when shipped overseas. Tape dispensers are also a must, allowing busy staff to measure, seal, and cut tape precisely and quickly.

Selecting Packing Tape for Different Materials and Weather Conditions

You can control the quality of your contents and the destination of the packages, but you can't control the journey. Truck and shipping container interiors aren't temperature controlled, so you need shipping tape that can withstand the elements. Look for acrylic adhesive tape that stays put at up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit so your shipping boxes stay sealed even under the hottest conditions.

What Types of Shipping Tape Are Moisture Resistant?

It's inevitable that shipments will come into contact with moisture. Filament tape is typically designed to resist both moisture and severe temperatures. Internal filament fibers reinforce the tape, reducing tears and rips until the carton is opened. Filament tape also has increased tensile strength, making it the ideal material for heavy-duty cartons and shipments. Acrylic tape is resistant to oxidation, so your consumer-friendly packaging looks professional and elegant when it arrives on your customers' doorsteps. Clear packing tape with hot melt adhesive forms a strong bond to a range of materials, like porous cardboard, to reduce deterioration from humidity, rain, and leaks. Further reduce the impact of moisture to your packaging with weather-resistant strapping and binding.

Masking Tape Protects and Secures Package Contents

Masking tape is designed to be removed without damaging surfaces, and it's the most fitting material choice for binding and strapping products together. The adhesive doesn't leave a residue and sticks to clean surfaces like plastic bags and stretch wrap, making it a crucial inventory item to include along with the rest of your important shipping supplies.

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