Spaghetti sauce jars from Berlin Packaging are handy for packaging both food and non-food items. Plastic and glass jars are available to choose from. Optional shrink bands create tamper-evident packaging. Lids and jars are either sold as sets or separately. Jars fit lids with continuous thread, lug caps or disc-lid and ring styles. Seal vacuum lids help maintain product freshness.

What Types of Products Suit Spaghetti Jars?

Food-grade jars are suitable for a wide range of products. Glass sauce jars are fitting for tomato and barbecue sauces, marinades, pasta sauces, pesto, dipping sauces, honey, and syrups. The large opening on wide-mouth Mason jars means they are useful for packaging thicker products, such as chutneys, salsas, olives, pickles, jams, mayonnaise, and nut butter. Spaghetti-style jars are also useful for non-food items like vitamins, bath salts, moisturizers, body scrubs, and other personal care products.

Benefits of Glass Jar Packaging

Glass has a low chemical reactivity rating, which means it preserves product flavor and smells. The stable moisture and air barrier that glass provides enhances product shelf life and helps protect it from spoilage. Glass is also durable and non-malleable, so product shape cannot be altered during transit. Plastic jars may be more useful than glass packaging when overall product weight is a concern. You can emboss glass jars to create a vast number of unique branding opportunities. With the right style of packaging and branding, round glass jars can give customers a nostalgic feel. As a 100 percent recyclable material, glass is a sustainable packaging option. Glass packaging also enhances the customer experience by giving the users something of value that they can reuse after consuming or using the initial product. Transparent glass adds product value by clearly displaying the contents to customers.

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