Food jars come in many shapes and sizes and are a good way to package your products while keeping them fresh. Choose from a variety of glass and plastic materials and shapes. Wholesale food jars bought in bulk are available in colors such as blue or amber for aesthetically appealing packaging that protects contents from exposure to light. Or choose clear jars that offer visibility for featuring a wide range of products.

Types of Bulk Food Jars

Berlin Packaging offers a wide variety of gourmet jars to fit the individual requirements of many food products. Sauces or products of similar consistency can be stored in jars with wide mouths for easy filling and removal. Fit them with disk and ring lids that create a vacuum seal to preserve contents for longer periods and protect food from air exposure. Smaller-capacity wide-mouth jars are perfect for baby food jars and bulk pricing makes them affordable. For a unique look, choose from attractive hexagons, dodecagons, and round-shaped honey jars. Nut jars are available as square containers with built-in grippers for easy handling or as tall, hourglass jars that can also be used for longer products like pasta.

Choosing Plastic or Glass Food Jars

When deciding whether your product should be packaged in plastic or glass, consider what's most important to you. Glass food jars help maintain original food aroma and flavor, as there is no risk of leaching chemicals into their contents. Glass is also impermeable, so it will protect food products from outside contaminants. Plastic jars are lightweight, making them an affordable choice for wholesale food jars because they're easy to handle during shipping. Plastic is durable and shatter-resistant, helping to protect your product from damage during transport.

What Other Services Are Provided?

Beyond offering high-quality and well-priced wholesale food jars, Berlin Packaging provides additional services such as label design and warehousing options. We also offer management consulting, which involves our team of business specialists working with you to define your company goals and implement strategies to achieve them.

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