Sifter top cans have long been used to package food items such as spices, herbs, powders, and minerals like salt. Sifter cans provide an easy way to dispense an accurate amount of granular or powdered products. They prevent waste by making it difficult to dump a heap of product out by accident. Spice sifter cans feature a cap that has small holes cut into it in order to let a measured amount of product pass through. Sifter caps can have all sorts of designs, with some containing wider holes spread evenly across them, and others using smaller clusters of openings.

What Non-Food Items Are Often Stored in Plastic Sifter Cans?

The cosmetics industry often uses plastic sifter cans to package powdered makeup. Sifter cans can make it easier to apply foundation, blush, or other mineral cosmetics. Additional uses for these containers include packaging common household items like talcum powder. The washing and cleaning products industry also uses sifter top cans to store things like dry soap powder and cleanser.

Sifter Cans Features

Sifter containers feature a number of materials such as metal, cardboard, and plastic. Cans are foil-lined to provide a barrier between fiberboard or cardboard and products. This layer of foil keeps products fresh by preventing moisture or other contaminants from seeping through. Like cardboard collection cans, cardboard sifter top cans include a fiberboard wrap that can be printed with product info and a logo and aluminum bottoms that have been seamed on to provide a sturdy, solid can. The mix of sifter caps provides multiple dispensing options. For example, one side may feature a wider hole for greater dispensing, while the other has a smaller opening to distribute a lesser amount. With the sifter cap included with the can, sifter top cans are an inexpensive packaging solution.

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