Coin collection cans are simple cylindrical containers with one or two slots on top for donors to insert coins and banknotes. Generally made of either cardboard or plastic, the tops are usually fashioned from metal for durability. This is especially important for reusable coin collection cans. Coin cans measure around 3 inches in diameter and 5 inches in height, and they feature ample space to apply labels identifying the charity.

Versatile Coin Collection Cans

The prime users of coin cans are charities and other organizations that need to solicit donations from the public. The main method is for charity workers to position themselves in public spots holding and often rattling their coin cans to gather donations from passers by. Another option is to display one or more unattended at shop check-out counters, hotel receptions, libraries, churches, and other well-trafficked spots to pick up impulse donations. You can also use coin cans as piggy banks at home to inspire the kids to save their money. Utilize them as small industrial cans to safely store items such as used knife and razor blades for disposal.

Choosing Collection Cans

Your main decision when shopping for donation cans is whether to choose items made from plastic or cardboard. Both are lightweight and durable, with plastic coin cans offering extra resistance to moisture. Unlike screw-top metal cans, the collection cans have integrated lids. When you’re fund-raising or collecting charitable donations, using quality coin collection cans with professional printing goes a long way toward projecting the proper image.

Why Use Berlin Packaging?

Whether you’re a large charity looking to buy coin collection cans in bulk or a retail outlet serving the consumer, Berlin Packaging is your prime source for high-quality cardboard and plastic coin cans. The company has millions of square feet of warehousing around the world to ensure your orders are fulfilled with speed and total accuracy.

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