Berlin Packaging offers plastic and glass salsa jars in a wide range of sizes. There are small salsa jars that have a storage capacity of as little as 1 ounce and larger varieties that can store up to 1 gallon. Some varieties include disc and ring caps, while some do not have caps included. Jars for salsa have wide or medium-width mouths so it's easy for your consumers to extract the contents with a spoon.

Plastic Salsa Jars

Berlin Packaging offers salsa jars in both PET and PETG plastics. These materials are transparent to a greater or lesser extent, depending on their color, and they're strong, durable, and lightweight. Both options offer high impact and chemical resistance. Some are FDA approved, allowing for a range of food contents, including salsa. 

Why Use Glass Salsa Jars?

Glass is strong, nonporous, impermeable, and virtually inert. These properties of glass combine to ensure product integrity and freshness, making glass a suitable option for food storage. Packaging in glass can also give products a more high-end appeal, making glass salsa jars a good option. 

Why Buy Wholesale?

Berlin Packaging offers wholesale salsa jars, helping you save you money and time. Buying wholesale reduces the price as the more you purchase, the lower the unit price becomes. Buying wholesale in bulk saves you time since you won't have to purchase as often. These benefits combine to maximize your profit and allow you to compete with other brands that may have a larger budget. 

Berlin Packaging Has a Passion for Quality

Berlin Packaging has a dedicated Quality Service Division with extensive capabilities. The Quality Service Division has a passion for ensuring consistent, high-quality products with expert knowledge of all aspects of Quality System development and deployment. Berlin Packaging also offers on-site and third-party laboratory testing to ensure accuracy and speed when you places orders.

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