Glass Jars

The Benefits of Glass Jars

Glass jars are popular for packaging food thanks to their durability and flavor preservation benefits. Because their surface is nonporous, they prevent contaminants from leaching into your product. One of the primary advantages of using clear glass jars is the ability to see the contents inside. Glass is also a highly renewable resource, offering your company the chance to reduce its environmental impact.

Whether you need small glass jars with lids for cosmetics or 1-gallon glass jars to showcase your food products, we offer a wide variety to make finding the right container easy. Ordering bulk glass jars at wholesale prices can also save you time and money, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Quality Is Our Mission

Quality is the cornerstone of any business, no matter its size. Berlin Packaging's Quality Service Division cares about your business and strives to provide you with quality products. With FMEA and Six Sigma/DMAIC facilitation, our Quality Service Division can help reduce risk, meet food and pharmaceutical compliance, and perform tracking and analysis. When you purchase glass jars wholesale from us, you can relax knowing your products are well protected.

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