Strong yet lightweight and virtually shatterproof, PET jars provide a nearly unbeatable consumable product packaging solution. From small, thick-walled containers for lip gloss or eye shadow to sturdy gallon jugs for juices, choose from colored and clear PET jars for beverages, foods, cosmetics, toiletries, and more.

Pet Jars Offer a Lightweight Solution

As an efficient packaging material that reduces shipping costs due to its lightweight strength — high volumes of jars fit into transport containers  PET is commonly used for packaging foods and beverages. Like glass, PET jars resist microorganisms and protect against moisture, but with less risk of shattering during transit. PET is also the most recycled plastic in the U.S.

Function and Style

Find the trusted jar shape and style that attracts consumers to select and purchase your product over the competition. Air-sealed plastic PET jars with lids, known as Kilner or Fido jars come in round, square, and a sleek pyramid shape, and they're sealed with bale wire closures. Large gripper PET jars make a popular choice for lightweight consumables. Discover simple, general purpose jars as well as larger jars with handles for easy carrying. Browse a selection of spice jars, including tall oblong spice jars shaped to grip and clear PET jars with grinder caps.

Most PET jars are clear. The designer jars, both square and tapered, may also come in blue. You can typically choose from five color choices for straight-sided PET jars. Additional colored jars are available in a selection of materials.

The PETG jars offer everything found in a PET jar, plus superior chemical resistance. For additional food options, including glass jars, browse food jars.

Why Work With Berlin Packaging?

A full-service industry leader, Berlin Packaging offers clients who purchase bulk orders, like wholesale PET jars, access to free support services such as supply chain management consultations to help you grow your business.

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