Colored jars are a practical and beautiful solution, and you can opt for sizes and shapes that are a good fit for your product. Use amber or black colored plastic jars to bottle medications without worrying about UV light affecting their chemical composition. Colored glass jars make excellent packaging options because glass is non-porous and helps food, perfume, and other aromatic contents retain scent and freshness for longer. 

Products Stand Out in Colored Glass Jars

Use colored jars with lids to help lotions and other perfumed cosmetics from losing their scent and color. Colored cosmetic jars are eye-catching and make your brand stand out among your competitors. Keep eye, facial, and body creams from possible chemical leaching and composition breakdown with glass packaging, and increase your design options because of the material's versatility. Glass jars are also an attractive and practical food packaging option.

Use Colored Plastic Jars for Medicinal Packaging

Some medicinal syrups are light-sensitive, and colored plastic jars or glass containers can provide natural light-filtering qualities that help such medications stay potent longer. Package bulk quantities of pills in durable pharmaceutical jars that resist punctures or breakage to protect contents from air or light exposure. Modern pharmaceuticals and herbal supplement companies often use white colored jars to ship large amounts of product. Pharmacies then measure out smaller amounts and package the doses in colored plastic bottles, which the consumer receives.

Add Stunning Labels to Your Products

Berlin Packaging offers more than packaging products and inventory management. Increase your brand recognition with stunning design options from Studio One Eleven. Innovative decorating and labeling services can help enhance the effect of your product packaging, branding, and marketing. Create labels that speak to your product and values while giving you a competitive edge in your industry by drawing attention to your brand.

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