Polypropylene caps are versatile closures that can be matched with many different packaging options such as bottles, jugs, or vials. There are many types of caps from which to choose, including tamper-evident tops and continuous thread closures. Caps come in colors such as black, blue, or white, and have a myriad of features like practical ribbed sides or airtight liners.

Benefits of Using Polypropylene Caps

Polypropylene (PP) is a type of plastic made from a combination of several different monomers. It is used to make various packaging items like caps, and it has many advantages such as its tough nature, which makes it difficult to break. It retains its shape over time, even after rough manipulation. Its durability makes it a good choice for caps as they will resist breakage and bending. Polypropylene resists chemical reactions with diluted bases and acids, so these plastic caps are a good fit for closing packaging that holds food items, beverages, cleaning products, or pharmaceuticals. This type of plastic also has a low density, making it lightweight and, therefore, more affordable to transport.

What Types of Polypropylene Caps are Available?

Polypropylene screw caps include elegant, smooth-sided tops, and caps with ribbed sides for easy gripping. Choose from plastic tamper-evident caps that ensure product integrity by revealing when an item has been compromised. Black PP caps are available as tall screw tops that can fit over roller vials, or unlined, domed tops that are used as closures for personal care products or pharmaceuticals. Some polypropylene ribbed caps come with vented heat induction liners that create an airtight seal. The result is an improved product shelf life and leak prevention.

Extra Services Offered

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