Berlin Packaging supplies plastic buckets with lids or without, in a range of shapes and capacities. Find buckets made with HDPE, LDPE, and PP to meet the specs of your products. Lids come in a variety of types, including spouted, hinged, screw-top, tear tab, EZ, and cut away. Some buckets without lids offer lids for purchase separately. Consider tamper-evident and child-resistant lids when storing hazardous substances, or when storing pet food to stop hungry pets, and to prevent pest contamination. 

Bucket Features

Round, square, and oblong plastic buckets are available. Square buckets make for easy stacking in storage and during shipping. Closed head buckets, carboys, and jerry cans make it easier to dispense the amount of product you need. Choose buckets with handles for consumer convenience, and match with a hinged or spout style lid for easy content access. Some bucket models come in a variety of colors, making it easy to categorize buckets for differing uses around the home or office. 

Can I Use any Bucket Style for Storing Both Liquids and Solids?

Not all buckets are suitable for all products, depending on the bucket material. If you plan to store bulk food-based products, it is crucial you look for buckets and lids made from food-grade, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). For food storage, you may also want to consider buckets that feature a moisture-resistant lid to preserve product freshness. For compliance and security when shipping controlled substances, seek UN rated buckets which feature a safety lock. Depending on the chemical being used, steel buckets that are Hazmat-approved may be more suitable than plastic. For buckets that will be used for liquids such as cleaning products, save money by selecting a simple non-food grade bucket, or a bucket with a spout for easy dispensing.

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