Plastic jerry cans and carboys are a convenient way to store liquids such as alcohol, water, dyes, or fragrances. They come in myriad sizes that accommodate various capacity needs. Pair plastic or steel jerry cans with leakproof closures for additional protection against product loss.

Using Plastic Jerry Cans

HDPE jerry cans are among the most common types sold because they're lightweight and durable. Leak-proof jerry cans are shatter-resistant, which means they're not likely to burst or leak upon impact. These plastic containers are not prone to rust or corrosion, ensuring they provide long-lasting packaging. Plastic is also recyclable, making it an environmentally sound choice.


What Carboys and Jerry Cans Are Available?

Leakproof jerry cans prevent unnecessary spillage and product waste and can be paired with tamper-evident caps to ensure product integrity. Like other containers, they have built-in handles for easy carrying. Some have liter scales printed on the sides for easy and precise measuring. Choose from options with spigots for quick and simple dispensing, or those with a special lid and base construction that allows for stacking, and saves space during shipping.

Additional Features to Consider

Some of the carboys and jerry cans available are UN-rated. Others, such as the Cubitainer Shipping System, comply with certain FDA regulations. Cubitainer's are containers made from LDPE plastic that are packaged within a protective box. They contain foam-lined caps, and can be used with filling equipment, making it easier for you to package your products.

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