Buckets and Pails

Berlin Packaging offers a large selection of plastic and metal buckets with lids, jerry cans, and carboys. Buckets are available in numerous capacities, from small pails to large buckets. Color options make it easy to quickly differentiate your products when in storage to ensure food, cleaning, and hazardous chemical are kept separate.

What Types of Buckets and Pails Are Available?

Square and round open-head buckets are available in HDPE plastic and steel variations. Select from a practical menu of buckets and pails with lids to best suit your product needs. Lid types include screw-top, tamper evident, spouted, cut-away, life-latch, hinged, lug, and lever-lock ring. Gallon buckets with handles are more comfortable to carry. For easy storage and transportation, look for containers designed to nest together.

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