Metal Buckets

Metal buckets with lids protect light-sensitive products from UV rays. Their leak-resistant construction makes them practical for storing solids and liquids.

Steel Buckets for Hazmat Products

Strong, lined buckets are a durable option for many chemical storage purposes. Steel pails with handles are easy to carry and provide an airtight seal when fitted with proper lids. Steel is excellent for shipping corrosive, hazardous materials, including gasoline and diesel fuel. Pure cleaning solutions like chlorine require Hazmat-approved UN-rated containers.

Lined steel buckets with closed heads and spouts are a practical storage option for any hazardous materials. Spouts help prevent contact with hazardous materials and offer an easy-pour solution. Choosing the right storage solution for acid-based and caustic industrial cleaning supplies is important for promoting safe handling. Black metal pails with closed heads or locking lids help prevent accidental contact and spillage.

Berlin Packaging Provides Sourcing and Order Tracking Services

In addition to offering bulk metal buckets at wholesale prices, Berlin Packaging offers quality systems that help you manage vendors, package products, and keep track of your inventory. You can order supplies with ease, knowing Berlin Packaging has a 99 percent on-time delivery record. Regardless of your packaging needs, we can help streamline your sourcing process from inventory selection to storage solutions.

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