Berlin Packaging features a wide range of hazmat packaging solutions for handling dangerous and toxic products. Whether containing, shipping, or storing hazardous materials, look for packaging featuring a United Nations rating. The rating ensures cardboard, plastic, and steel containers used for hazardous substances have passed drop, pressure, leak, and other hazmat tests. Choose from a variety of shipping containers available based on whether products are being sent via ground, air, rail, or ocean transport, or any combination. A range of hazmat signs and labels are available to identify substances properly.

Types of Hazmat Packaging Containers

Epoxy lined steel drums are suitable for storing a variety of liquids and fine powders. Stainless steel drums are corrosion resistant with high tensile strength and are easily reused. Steel buckets offer a variety of secure lids, including lug, and closed head with screw tops or fittings. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic containers are durable and heavy duty. Their versatility makes them useful for a range of products. They are leakproof and available with tight sealing, tamper-evident caps. All of these packaging options are UN rated containers.

What Hazmat Packaging Systems Are Available?

Pre-organized hazmat shipping systems are available for a wide variety of dangerous goods in a range of sizes. Hazmat packing systems are effective ways to ship paint, biochemical substances, and many other potentially dangerous or toxic chemicals. Shipping systems include the best container for the hazardous product, packing materials, hazardous shipping boxes, and hazmat labels. Packing materials can include foam inserts to absorb shock, absorbents and plastic bags to contain spills or leaks, and packing tape to secure the box. All are used in conjunction with heavy, corrugated cardboard boxes that protect the contents. Consider hazmat shipping labels and signage to clearly identify products for warehouse and shipping handlers.

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