Check out our full assortment of sorbents, Hazmat Labels, Hazmat Placards, DOT Placards, Hazmat Shipping Boxes, UN 4G Hazmat Shipping Systems, primary rated UN containers and UN shipping containers.  All help you comply when shipping dangerous goods.

Demanding applications such as containing & storing controlled or dangerous goods, demand high-performance packaging – historically referred to as DOT (Department of Transportation) packaging.  Today, this packaging is referred to as UN Rated packaging (“UN” refers to “United Nations).  Containers bearing the UN symbol meet the United Nations performance standards, and it’s an internationally recognized system.  Primary containers are what controlled substances are actually stored in.  Secondary containers such as boxes are often used to protect the primary containers during transportation (often these are multi-part systems such as 4G systems).  UN Rated Bottles are primary containers engineered to exacting specifications to exceed UN performance specifications such as a drop test, pressure test, and leak test, among others.  Bottles that meet this rigorous regiment of test are embossed with a specific UN rating.  Berlin Packaging offers both UN Rated Primary Containers & packaging and UN 4G systems that include components needed to comply with shipping requirements.

Customers must consult I.A.T.A, I.C.A.O., 49 CFR, HM-181 regulations when shipping hazardous material.the 49 CFR to ensure compliance with packaging, labeling & shipping requirements for their specific controlled substance.  A detailed understanding of what is being shipped (substance, dilution percentage and expansion rates of contents under pressure), the mode of transportation (ground, rail, air or ocean), and a long list of other considerations must be considered before selecting your container.  Ultimately, shippers are responsible for placing controlled substances into commerce.