Durable and easy to handle, milk jugs come in various sizes to offer the consumer choice. HDPE plastic milk jugs are worth considering; they're lightweight, meaning savings on wholesale orders because of lower shipping costs, and suitable for storing.

Why Choose Plastic Milk Jugs?

Liquids are heavy and need durable containers solid enough to withstand transporting, carrying, and daily handling by consumers. HDPE plastic milk jugs tick all these boxes. Purchasing and shipping milk jugs wholesale is cost-efficient, as they are strong, durable, and light weight. The natural semi-opaque coloring of HDPE plastic gives customers the benefit of seeing the color of contents, making products such as flavored milks an attractive sight that raises brand awareness.

Because HDPE plastic is such a flexible plastic, milk and beverage jugs in that material are a common sight on supermarket shelves. Also frequently used for water, juice, and syrups, jugs are popular across industries.

More Benefits of Milk Jugs

Depending on the capacity of the container, the handles on jugs are either on the side or top to give a physically accurate pour, meaning less product waste. HDPE plastic milk jugs are widely recyclable. Labels on the wide sides of milk jugs are quickly spotted on a shelf, giving an advantage to a new product line.

Create Custom Labels to Personalize a Product

At Berlin Packaging, designing a logo or brand to complete a look is easy with the custom label creation service. With tamper-evident strips, sheets, or rolls of labels to choose from in a variety of fade-resistant fonts and colors, a bespoke label stands out from the rest. Being UV- and water-resistant, these peel-and-stick labels are high quality.

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