Jugs with built-in handles provide large-capacity packaging that is practical and easy to handle. Some gallon jugs feature a helpful grab-and-go handle on the side that is long and thin, while others, such as growlers, have finger loops for easy carrying. Wholesale jugs are made from either glass or various plastics and are available in colors like clear, white, or amber. They can be used to store a variety of products, including liquids such as beverages, cleaners, or oils.

Choosing between Glass Jugs and Plastic Jugs

Plastic is a cost-effective, lightweight material that is easy to stack for storage and transport. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a popular option for its strength and impact resistance. Plastic is a recyclable material that protects products from outside contaminants.

Due to its nonporous nature, glass also prevents pollutants from reaching your products. It maintains its shape and strength over time, even after being reused or recycled. Glass does not form chemical reactions and is therefore good for storing beverages or other consumable items.

In addition to offering top-quality jugs at wholesale prices, our team of design experts can work with you to identify branding strategies and create customized labels for your packaging.

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