Buy bulk kombucha bottles from Berlin Packaging's extensive range of glass bottles. Glass kombucha bottles are suitable for a wide range of products including sauces, marinades, milk, juice, flavored water, herbs and spices, candy, nuts, bath salts, liquid soap, or body wash. Whether your packaging needs to be heat-resistant, easily stacked, or suitable for carbonated beverages, you'll find kombucha bottle styles and specifications that match your product best.

Benefits of Using Glass Bottles

Look for glass bottles when your focus is on reusable and sustainable packaging. Like many beverage bottles, kombucha bottles are recyclable and reusable. Glass packaging is nonporous and impermeable, meaning it will not affect product flavor, taste, or color. Clear glass milk bottle style packaging makes it easy to conduct visual product quality assurance checks. Pairing glass with a stylish label also generates a premium product feeling for customers.

What Bottle Styles are Available?

Whether you are looking for the clean-cut feel that glass juice bottles provide, or want to present your brand with the fashionable, nostalgic imagery that a curvy glass milk bottle will create, there is a style available to suit your brand. Bottles with swing-top caps create a craft brewery feel. Bottles come in various shapes including square, round, and decanter style. When creating your brand image, be sure to consider the different color options available, like clear, amber, green, or blue. Some models also have different capacity options, helpful for when you want to provide customers with a personal or group size while maintaining consistent visual branding. If you are looking to save time, search for a bottle with included caps. Brands that are more focused on customized packaging can choose from the many options with caps sold separately.

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