Package your juice, smoothies, or other beverages inside juice bottles designed to keep liquids fresh and tasty, whether they are sold on the shelves or in refrigerated cases. Choose between glass and plastic materials, and a large variety of shapes and designs to complement your product. You can select juice containers that come with caps or choose models that offer caps separately. There are several capacity options, from single-serving juice bottles to gallon jugs. Each bottle has plenty of room for a custom label to properly advertise your brand.

Glass or Plastic Juice Bottles?

Glass is a popular choice for beverages because it is nonporous and impermeable, so it will not affect the taste or smell of the liquid within. Using glass juice bottles also gives your product a high-end look, especially when paired with the right swing-top cap or screw-on lid. For a container that is more resistant to breakage, plastic juice bottles are good options. PET plastic offers clarity similar to glass, but is more resistant to impact, making it a good option for juice containers that will be used frequently, like orange juice bottles. HDPE plastic is just as impact-resistant but is more opaque, so it is a good choice for products that do not need to showcase the color of the liquid inside.

Juice Bottle Cap Styles

Once you've chosen your bottle style, you'll need to decide what kind of cap to pair with it. A screw-on lid with a lug finish makes round juice bottles easy to open and close often. A snap-on cap also makes any type of beverage bottle easy to open, and some styles are tamper-evident to offer extra security to consumers. When looking for unique bottle styles like cold-pressed juice bottles, consider your product features and selling capacities to match the container. Swing top caps give bottles a special look and include a stopper that stays attached to the bottle.

Berlin Packaging offers juice bottles at wholesale prices. Buying bulk juice bottles from us means you'll receive quality juice containers at great prices. Plus, we offer design and labeling services to help you make your products stand out on the shelves and in refrigerated cases.

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