Glass Boston Round Bottles with Dropper Cap

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  • Classic Boston Round bottle shape
  • Black PP dropper cap with glass pipette included
  • Virtually inert and impermeable, glass is the most stable packaging material

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About This Product

Glass Boston Round Bottles with Dropper Caps

A classic bottle shape in the packaging industry, the Boston Round Bottle (also known as a Winchester Bottle), can hold almost any liquid or solid. Traditionally used for pharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory applications, popular uses break the mold and extend across most markets today.  Boston Round dropper bottles, also known as Tincture Bottles, provide standout shelf appeal and functional precision ideal for the cosmetic, medical, and aromatherapy industries. Additional uses for dropper bottles include essential oils, food coloring, health care, and e-liquids.  Boston Round bottles include black polypropylene caps with glass pipette droppers. 

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