Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Bottles

Select from a unique assortment of bulk essential oil bottles at wholesale prices, available in various shapes, colors, and capacities. We offer popular containers, like essential oil roller bottles, for packaging aromatherapy oils. Other options include essential oil bottles with droppers for precise measurements.

Benefits of Glass Aromatherapy Bottles

Glass bottles are non-porous, durable, and don't leach chemicals. Glass is non-permeable, so it won't absorb scents or oils. Using dark colored glass bottles to package essential or aromatherapy oils also helps protect the product from harmful ultraviolet light that can affect a product's structural composition. We offer amber, green, and blue bottles to help limit the effects of UV light.

Caps and Closures for Aromatherapy Bottles

Essential oil bottles with threaded mouths are compatible with several cap varieties and closures. Use dropper bottles, like Boston round bottles with dropper caps, for the measured application of products. For body sprays containing diluted essential oils, glass bottles with fine mist sprayers work well. Rich, thick oils, like beauty or hair treatment products, work better with treatment pumps. PP screw caps offer an air-tight seal to keep your product potent. Dropper, fine-mist, Euro dropper, rollerball, and treatment pumps are traditionally used in combination with snap-or screw-top plastic caps to help protect and dispense bottle contents.

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