Shampoo and conditioner bottles offer convenient packaging for liquids and gels. Berlin Packaging makes wholesale shampoo bottles in a variety of shapes, including items that are also appropriate for cosmetics, hair care, and lotions. They're available in several sizes, from small cylinder bottles to squat, large, round, bulk-sized items. Assorted colors provide several choices for product display. Top styles ranging from flip caps to pivot spouts provide many dispensing options. Shop bottles for other available packaging choices.

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Shampoo Bottles?

Choose from PET, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, and PVC plastic bottles that are ideal for shampoo and conditioner bottles. Each plastic shares common qualities with the others, as well as unique traits of its own. PET bottles, for example, are clear and impact resistant. HDPE shampoo packaging bottles have high flexibility. MDPE has high shock resistance when dropped. Match your product with the best material, and choose from several color options, including purple, amber, and green, to create lively shelf displays.

Other Uses for Bulk Shampoo Bottles

Use clear selections with disk top caps to attractively display semi-liquid items like moisturizers and lotions. HDPE bullet bottles feature round bases that provide stability and prevent unwanted product spillage resulting from falls. Tough MDPE plastic bottles offer outstanding impact resistance and are useful for packaging bath products and other items frequently handled with wet hands.

Types of Tops for Plastic Shampoo Bottles

Like many health and beauty bottles, lotion pump bottles evenly dispense a pre-measured amount of liquid or gel. Pivot spout caps efficiently pour liquids in a concentrated stream and protect contents from unwanted accidental spillage, even when open. Package viscous products like shampoos and conditioners in bottles with disk top caps offering large, unrestricted openings. You can also fill squeezable tottle tubes with thick products like sunscreen and body wash.

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