Dropper bottles make it easy to dispense small, precise amounts of liquid and can be easily controlled. They are suitable when the product needs to be used in exact quantities, such as essential oils, medicines, ointments, glues, and dyes. Pipette bottles are available in a variety of styles and materials, each with a different suitability.

A Variety of Sizes

If you're looking for a bottle with a dropper designed for a specific purpose, we offer a variety of sizes suitable for holding product samples. Smaller dropper bottles are great for cosmetics, essential oil samples, or concentrated liquids, and they are popularly used as eye dropper bottles. Larger bottles work for liquids sold in bigger volumes like medicines and ointments.

Pipette Bottle Products

Dropper bottles can be made from both plastic and glass, with each material being more suited to holding different liquids. As glass is chemical-resistant, no chemical reaction will take place with the contents of glass dropper bottles, making them ideal for holding consumable products including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. For cosmetic products, pump bottles are also a useful option. Plastic dropper bottles made from PET, LDPE, or HDPE with fine tips are flexible for more precise applications.

What Color Glass Dropper Bottle Is Most Suitable?

Glass bottles are available in a range of colors. Glass color is not only an aesthetic concern; factors such as light protection should also be considered. Clear glass is suitable for liquids that require no protection from light. However, amber glass may be more suitable for liquids that require significant light protection because it absorbs high levels of UV rays. Green glass also offers some light protection but to a lesser degree, making it helpful for holding liquids that can be exposed to some light without altering flavor or function. 

Berlin Packaging also offers various services to complement our products and help streamline your business processes. Services include decorating and labeling to further customize products, helping them stand out from the competition.

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