When using liquid or cream products in capacities as small as milliliters, precision in the dispenser is of primary importance. Treatment pump bottles provide that accuracy by controlling the amount of product drawn and ejected by the pump. Berlin Packaging offers multiple bottles and pumps to meet any product needs.

Matching Pump Bottles to the Product

Glass pump bottles provide a number of competitive features when packaging oils, topical ointments, and skin care lotions. Along with protecting the contents with a nonporous container, the pump assures the user of a consistent amount of product. Additionally, bottles can be opaque, frosted, or colored, a useful aesthetic for the cosmetic industry. Plastic pump bottles provide durability while offering multiple shapes, such as concave and bullet styles.

Pump Bottle Construction

Treatment pump bottles can be plastic or glass, and the pump is made of plastic components. The bottle is constructed separately from the pump, then paired with a compatible cap.  Airless pump bottles are also available, providing a spatterless delivery of product without any dripping or clogging at the point of discharge. Product is pushed up through the bottle instead of a tube, which is a smart delivery system for less viscous liquids like creams. 

What Is PE and PP Plastic?

Plastic pump bottles are made by heating thermoplastic materials called polymers that can then be formed and shaped. Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) polyolefins represent two of the most commonly used polymers for a variety of plastic bottles. Berlin Packaging can provide crucial input to help you select the right high-quality bottles and containers, and can also offer practical help when it comes to supply chain and warehouse management services.

What Size Pump Bottle Is Correct?

Treatment pump bottles in 4-ounce capacities or less are suitable for travel items such as cosmetics, lotions, and other non-edible items, and fit well in a purse or toiletry bag.

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