Treatment Pump Bottles

When using liquid or cream products in amounts as small as milliliters, precision in the dispenser is of primary importance. Treatment pump bottles provide accuracy by controlling the amount of product drawn and ejected by the pump. Berlin Packaging offers multiple treatment pump bottle kits to meet any product needs.

Matching Pump Bottles to the Product

Glass pump bottles provide competitive features when packaging oils, topical ointments, and skin care lotions. Along with protecting the contents with a nonporous container, the pump assures the user dispenses a consistent amount of product. Additionally, bottles can be opaque, frosted, or colored, a useful aesthetic feature for cosmetic pump bottles. On the other hand, plastic pump bottles provide durability while offering multiple shapes, such as cylinder and bullet styles.

In addition to material and color options, we offer treatment pump bottles in capacities of one, two, and four ounces. If you need help determining which size and style is best for your product, contact our design consultants for expert advice.

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