E-Commerce Ready Packaging

E-commerce Ready Packaging

In the new age of digital commerce brands must be more aware of packaging than ever before. Customers expect their purchases to arrive undamaged and in as little packaging as possible. As a result, some e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, are instituting packaging guidelines. Whether you’re selling on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, or via your own site, e-commerce ready packaging can help your brand thrive in the fastest growing sales channel – and Berlin Packaging can help you thrill your customers with a great experience.

What Does It Mean To Be E-commerce Ready?

E-commerce ready packaging helps eliminate material waste, mess, stress and chargebacks. Many e-commerce retailers charge fees associated with preparing products to ship to end-users. E-commerce ready packaging is designed for your product to arrive at the customer’s doorstep intact and undamaged. Berlin Packaging’s e-commerce ready packaging can help protect you from fees and returns while protecting your brand from being tarnished by negative reviews and customer experiences.

Items labeled as “E-commerce Ready” have undergone product testing and been carefully selected by Berlin Packaging as having a high likelihood of meeting the rules & regulations of most major e-commerce retailers and marketplaces, - though responsibility for testing final, filled packaging and determining compliance with e-commerce packaging guidelines is with the seller of the filled packaging. View our E-commerce Ready Packaging category for product options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us to speak to a Packaging Consultant.

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