Glass dropper bottles give you a wide selection for packaging and products that need careful dispensing including essential oils, perfumes, and food coloring. Different cap options, like dropper and plastic applicators, ensure that the contents are easy to apply. Clear and colored glass choices provide the aesthetics or protection appropriate for the product.

Borosilicate glass dropper bottles keep ingredients fresh and stable

Glass dropper vials made from borosilicate glass offer advantages for the personal care and health industries. This commonly used glass doesn't expand when exposed to severe temperature changes. Borosilicate is also a non-reactive material, so it doesn't break down when it stores chemical ingredients, ensuring that essential oils, perfumes, and food-grade coloring aren't impacted. The entire line of glass vials provides the options you need for all medicinal and personal care products.

Dropper bottles and vials provide the ideal solution for topical medicines and perfumes

Tamper-resistant caps give your customers the assurance and security they expect. Phenolic caps, like those included with most glass vials with applicator rods, have a cone shape that prevents moisture from reentering the bottles after they've been opened, which is ideal for preserving the contents and keeping fragrances smelling fresh. Applicator rod caps also allow for the precise administration of topical medications or food coloring. Amber and colored glass help protect sensitive contents from UV ray exposure, further ensuring that natural products stay fresh for as long as possible. If you're looking for shatter-resistant bottles and containers for nutraceuticals and medicines, plastic vials offer plenty of choices.

Do Berlin Packaging vials offer customizable caps?

Yes. Many of Berlin Packaging's glass vials allow you to select the appropriate cap or applicator, offering you the customization you need for all your personal care products. Check out the entire line of vials for medicinal, chemical, and lab environments.

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