Glass Vials

High-quality glass vials add another dimension to perfume testers, precious stone fragments, and medicines. These multi-size glass containers are designed for safe use for various products, and some are available with lids that meet a range of needs. For example, you can choose glass vials with screw caps for items like glass beads or glass sample vials with roller caps for scented product testers.

Wholesale Glass Vials Are Used Across Many Industries

Round glass vials in the scientific and pharmaceutical industries are standard because of their holding capacity and the inert nature of glass. Laboratories constantly use them for chemical testing and storage. Small amounts of medication are safely distributed in glass vials with caps that include droppers, mister caps, and stainless-steel roller balls. Industries across the board find small glass vials with caps an aesthetically pleasing container for consumers to keep essential oils, perfume samples, or craft materials like tiny beads.

Which Glass Vial Type Suits Your Product?

Borosilicate glass vials are commonly used as chemical apparatus in schools and laboratories. For products needing protection from exposure to UV light, such as aromatherapy oils or drugs, colored glass vials in amber, green, and blue are available. Short vials are easy to hold in one hand for distribution of medication, tall vials sit well in test tube trays, square vials look charming on a shelf, and classic round glass vials sit well in all environments.

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