Berlin Packaging's selection of wholesale vials includes a wide variety of capacities, as well as aesthetic options such as colored plastic or clear glass vials. Add sleeves with catchy logos or graphics to make your vials stand out from the competition and market your brand. Vials are versatile containers, meeting the needs of many industries, including pharmaceuticals, health, and beauty.

Vial Versatility

Bulk vials can be used to store a range of goods from medicines to fragrances, and they are often used in laboratories and testing facilities. Apart from pharmaceuticals, small vials can be used to store items like chromatography supplies or liquid samples. Using plastic vials to transport travel-sized cosmetics like creams and lotions is another popular choice, as is filling them with small food items like candy, mints, or gum.

Plastic Versus Glass Vials

Both plastic and glass vials help keep products free of contaminants and provide unique packaging options. Due to their nonporous nature, glass vials prevent chemicals from leaching into the contents. They are also a reusable option and can be easily cleaned or recycled without losing rigidity or strength. For rougher transportation and handling, plastic vials are a sensible option because they are shatter-resistant and lightweight, making them easy to handle and potentially reducing shipping-related expenses due to freight.

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