Plastic vials store liquid products manufactured by cosmetic, health care, and other companies. They're used to package makeup, perfumes, and facial care items, and to store specimens and chemicals in health care and research laboratory environments. With a variety of bottle shapes and top designs, Berlin Packaging offers storage options that can fulfill your company's specific industry needs and requirements.

Plastic Vials for the Beauty Industry

Plastic vials are suitable for companies that produce health and beauty products. Personal care product manufacturers can store products like eye serum and fragrances in vials with removable caps and rollerball applicators. Similarly constructed glass vials are an option for companies seeking to minimize the use of plastic. Fine mist spray tops permit measured dispensing of liquid products and work well for enterprises that manufacture and sell perfumes. For more viscous offerings, like lotion, consider using a corked vial to provide a charming, elegant look. Clear plastic vials with caps and LDPE plug liners provide protection against content contamination.  

Plastic Vials for the Medical Industry

Plastic vials provide simple, effective storage options that meet a variety of needs throughout the medical industry. Researchers often use plastic vials with caps to hold chemicals in the lab. Polypropylene offers protection during cryogenic processes. Physicians and hospitals frequently collect specimens in sterile plastic vials. Several screw top vials offer secure storage and ease of use frequently required in medical settings.   

Berlin Supply Chain Management

Berlin Packaging's flexible supply chain management is designed to work with companies of all sizes. It simplifies the process of ensuring your company has the packaging products its needs when they are needed. The team at Berlin Packaging works with you to come up with effective cost saving strategies. Spend your time perfecting your product and let Berlin Packaging take care of finding and delivering the right packaging materials. 

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