Personal care products need the right packaging to showcase them in stores and online. Health and beauty vials offer companies both creative and practical options for a number of different products. Applicator tops, like roller balls, help customers evenly distribute essential and perfume oils. Dropper caps enable measured distribution of oils and tinctures.

Are Colored-Glass Beauty and Health Vials Available?

Yes. There is a large selection of different colored vials including blue and amber vials. For products that have some light sensitivity, amber glass beauty vials could protect sensitive contents from UV rays, helping to preserve freshness and potentially extend shelf life. Cobalt blue glass could also help prevent light-sensitive oils and products from damage. Green glass offers yet another aesthetic option to help customers recognize your products easily. The entire line of glass vials offers versatile color choices for the personal care and medicinal industries.

Wide Selection of Caps for Product Application 

Clear glass vials with applicator caps make it easier for customers to dab on a favorite scent without spilling. Sample-size vials with convenient tops are available to help spread enthusiasm about a new fragrance. Two and four-dram vials with applicator rods could also be useful for applying a few drops of essential oils. Lab and science vials provide better options for selling, testing, and dispensing nutraceuticals and samples. Rollerball tops are also popular with aromatherapy enthusiasts, and vials with these tops can also be used to hold cosmetics, including under-eye treatments and serums. Choose from both round and square beauty vials with roller tops depending on the use.

Glass Vials With Cork Creatively Showcase Samples

Glass vials with cork toppers help show off colorful bath salts, seasonings, and spices. While they're not always suitable for liquid contents, the tapered cork tops stand out on spice racks or in sample shipments.

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