Clear vials are not only a suitable choice for many beauty and health products because of their visual appeal, they're also useful for a wide range of professional applications. Laboratory, clinical, and health care facilities often require clear glass vials to store everything from samples to evidence.

Clear Glass Vials Have a Wide Range of Personal Applications

Clear vials with roller ball tops have become increasingly popular for dispensing essential oils because they allow customers to control the exact point of application. Glass vials with roller balls have often been used for products like commercial deodorants and antiperspirants, and these bottles are a fitting choice for marketing aromatherapy products and perfumes. Perfume sampler vials with mister tops and applicator caps introduce consumers and wholesale buyers to your new products. Clear glass corked vials provide an attractive and functional showcase for epicurean goods like salts and spices as well as to display colored bath salts beautifully on store shelves.

Clear Glass Vials for Laboratory and Industrial Uses

Borosilicate glass is specifically engineered to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations without expanding, which in turn prevents cracking and shattering. Because of its thermal and chemical-resistant properties, borosilicate glass vials have been the go-to option for laboratories and industrial environments for decades. One dram glass vials with phenolic caps help preserve contents from exposure to air to ensure freshness and integrity. Screw-top serum vials packaged carefully within shrink-wrapped trays prevent outside contaminants from entering and are often used for testing evidence and other research applications.

Dispense Medicines, Nutraceuticals, and Tinctures Easily 

Herbal remedies continue to grow in popularity, and dropper-top clear vials are ideal for dispensing tinctures and some over-the-counter medications. Vials with droppers also make it easier to deliver medicine to domesticated animals.

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