Clear glass jars display contents beautifully, are heat-resistant, and effective for a variety of packaging purposes. Clear glass jars with lids are leak-resistant, and keep foods and medications potent longer.

Benefits of Clear Glass Jars

Food packaged in clear glass jars with lids can be frozen, refrigerated, or stored in pantries. Most glass jars are also dishwasher safe, so the consumer can reuse them if they choose. Unlike other colored glass jars, clear versions are thoroughly transparent, which makes it easier to see contents. Thick glass jars may also help food keep its nutrients, color, and flavor longer. The non-porous glass, combined with air-tight lids, also helps preserve food's aroma longer.

Packaging Options for Clear Glass Jars with Lids

Cylindrical and round clear glass jars with lids are commonly used for packaging pasta sauces, pickles, olives, and other foods. Other clear shaped glass jars are more decorative, like beehive or bear shaped jars for honey. Smaller jars make durable, unique, eye-catching cosmetics packaging that makes your brand stand out. Home fragrance companies often use tall, square glass jars to bottle reed infuser fragrances, as they preserve smell potency. Purchasing clear glass jars in bulk is an excellent way to save on costs, and maintain continuous production.

Berlin Packaging Offers Warehousing and Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory storage can become expensive quickly, especially if you need to have items consistently in stock. Our warehouse and inventory management solutions help take the stress of ordering, storing, tracking, quality management, and delivery off your shoulders. We have a 99 percent, on-time delivery rate, so you can rest easy knowing packaging will arrive when you need it. Let us take inventory storage costs out of your overall packaging investment, and free up space and money for growing your business.

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